What if it came true…

Séjour ski Courchevel
Twirling snowflakes, snow-covered landscapes, frost-rimmed fir trees sparkling at dusk, the crunch of snow underfoot… in Courchevel, the magic of winter truly takes on its full meaning!

Start off with a moment of contemplation at the heart of nature. Head to lac de la Rosière for delight after delight in this stunning site: snowshoeing enthusiasts can get away from it all on an “Into the Wild” trek.

Follow that up with a visit to la Saulire summit, with Mont Blanc and La Grande Casse as your backdrop. After taking that all-important souvenir photo, treat yourself to the legendary Combe de la Saulire downhill run.
Our top tip? Be first on the cable car in the morning and you’ll be able to soak up this magical moment with the sweet sensation of being the only person in the world…

For a blast of pure joy through the heart of the forest, hurtle down the Jockeys black run, the future run of the men’s World Championships 2023!
A little bonus: if it’s snowing or the weather’s bad, this downhill run through the fir trees is still every bit as good…

Magic in Courchevel also extends to a whole host of fantastic entertainment throughout the winter. Starting off with the end of year celebrations… Have you always dreamed of the perfect Christmas? One where your children cuddle up and whisper in your ear: “That was the best Christmas ever…” With a visit from Father Christmas, free afternoon snacks, a children’s party, a gospel concert… have a simply enchanted week.

Another unmissable magical moment this winter: the International Festival Of Pyrotechnic Arts. A truly astonishing experience that rounds off a fantastic day’s skiing with majestic fireworks.

And what about the peals of laughter coming from the toboggan run between Courchevel 1850 and Courchevel Village, the snowball fights that spring up just before you come back inside and warm up by the fireplace, the night-time ski touring climbs under the light of a full moon…

That’s how the magic happens, every day of winter… And keeping it all going is why Courchevel resort’s movers and shakers are doing everything they can to promote sustainable development. Such a magical environment is a treasure to cherish and protect.

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