Via Ferrata locations

Courchevel - via ferrata

Fancy seeing the mountains in a new light, from the rock face? Then give via ferrata and climbing a go!
Courchevel offers via ferrata routes for all levels, from beginner to advanced.
Via ferrata is accessible to all, as long as you are a competent walker and not afraid of heights. It involves exploring the mountains by following a marked, equipped route along rock faces and mastering the vertical world.
Courchevel invites you to give this activity a go along its beginner’s route at la Rosière lake, and after that you can improve your technique along slabs, rock faces and plateaus at la Croix des Verdons.
Set off on your own or with a guide to conquer the mountains and the vast open spaces, climbing your way to your goal. Thrills and excitement guaranteed!

Before you set off...
Courchevel - via ferrata

Please read the Via Ferrata information carefully:
- Wear a helmet
- Use a climbing harness with a via ferrata rope. This rope should have a shock absorbing lanyard with large auto-lock carabiners.
- Please don’t hesitate to contact our high mountain guides should you need supervision.
- Check the weather conditions before you leave.
- Make sure you take a drink and a snack with you.
During the climb:
- Be careful not to make any stones fall.

Verdons Via Ferrata
Courchevel - via ferrata

One of the highest in France: 800 metres long, 225 metres altitude difference, altitude at the summit 2,739 metres.
Climbing time: 3 hours (+ 45 mins to come back down). Level D+. Essential equipment required.

Fact sheet:
- Access: using Courchevel and Méribel’s ski lifts.
- Altitude at the summit: 2,739 metres.
- Length: 800 metres.
- Total altitude difference: 225 metres.
- Climbing time: 3 hrs (+ 45 mins to come back down) Make your way through the mountains along a 1km-long safety cable with 650 rungs.
- Warm clothing and technical equipment required.
- The route runs alongside plateaus, crossing rocky outcrops until you get to the Pointe du Curé where a viewpoint awaits with panoramas over the Vanoise, mont Blanc and Écrins summits and glaciers.

la Rosière Lake Via Ferrata
Courchevel - via ferrata

Overlooking la Rosière Lake, this route is perfect for beginners, taking two hours to complete with a 550 metre-long cable and a 65 metre footbridge (not compulsory) to cross.

Fact sheet:
- Access: Courchevel 1650.
- Altitude at the summit: 1,550 metres.
- Length: 600 metres.
- Total altitude difference: 80 metres.
- Climbing time: 2 hrs.
- Warm clothing and technical equipment required.

Mini Via Ferrata du Panoramic
Courchevel - via ferrata

This short route (20 minutes) is located beneath the Saulire cable car. Perfect for beginners.

Fact sheet:
- Access: Courchevel 1850.
- Altitude at the summit: 2,700 metres.
- Length: 250 metres.
- Total altitude difference: 40 centimetres.
- Duration: 30 to 40 minutes.
- Warm clothing and technical equipment required.

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