Cross-country skiing

ski de fond Courchevel

If you love forest walks, climbing high and giving yourself a workout against a peaceful, magical backdrop, Courchevel’s Nordic ski area has exactly what you need… The resort offers 90 kilometres of well-maintained, marked cross-country skiing trails that are totally free of charge! Enjoy a physical and revitalising experience on the different circuits starting from each of Courchevel’s villages.

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Starting at Courchevel
ski de fond Courchevel

Boucle du Col de la Loze (2.5 km): This run unfurls through the moraines at the foot of the Rocher de la Loze corridors, to Roc Tania. It’s the perfect itinerary for savouring the area’s wilderness and enjoying incredibly clear views over the valley, with the Vanoise glaciers, la Grande Casse and Mont Blanc as your backdrop…

Bouc Blanc Itinerary (5 km): This is an undulating route starting at Plantret, which is perfect for enjoying the peace of the forest (but watch out for the ski runs criss-crossing through it). Finishing at Bouc Blanc for a little gourmet break!

Courchevel/Méribel Altiport (17 km): This is sure to delight anyone who loves long runs! Covering the same ground as the start of the Bouc Blanc itinerary, the path continues through the forest to Méribel valley, which usually enjoys great, cold but not icy, snow conditions, making it perfect for skiing.

Courchevel La Tania (15km): A charming route that takes you back to La Tania off a fork from Le Bouc Blanc passing through Les Teppes or going as far as Le Prés de la Croix. All through the middle of a spruce forest…

Starting at Courchevel Moriond
ski de fond Courchevel

Boucle du Belvédère (5 km): After setting off through the trees, this run winds into the Pralin Alpine pastures. Scenic and easy, you’ll love the generous sunshine on this route…

Starting at Courchevel Village
Ski de fond Courchevel

Les Brigues / Chantery (5 km): This return route through the forest crosses 3 legendary Alpine ski runs (Jean Blanc, Jockeys and Murettes), so be on the look-out for criss-crossing skiers! If you love amazing climbs, you’ll be blown away on the way up …

Starting at Courchevel La Tania
Ski de fond Courchevel

Le Bouc Blanc (8 km): For experienced skiers, this route starts behind La Saboïa tourism residence, going towards Les Teppes / Le Bouc Blanc. At the crossroads between Courchevel/Méribel, turn left and carry on until you get to the start of the Bouc Blanc chair lift. Come back via Les Teppes.  

Méribel-Altiport (18 km): Start off along the same route as le Bouc Blanc, and it will lead you to the altiport in Méribel.

Starting at Courchevel Le Praz
Ski de fond Courchevel

Le Praz Nordic Site (3 loops): It was on this site at the 1992 Olympic Games that Fabrice Guy and Sylvain Guillaume won gold and silver medals in the Nordic combined. Today, you can follow in their tracks on the 1.5 km, 7 km and 8.5 km loops. The short loop is perfect for beginners: it’s very varied and the ideal place to get started with cross-country skiing. The two other loops are reserved for skiers who want to have fun and work on their style and technique while taking a tour of Le Praz village.

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