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Ski resort - Courchevel

They are chefs, freeriders, snow groomer drivers, trackers and business women who form the beating heart of Courchevel. You may meet them during your stay in the mountains. These unique women are the pride of the resort.
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Ski resort - Courchevel

Charline, you are an ambassador for Courchevel and a local freerider. Can you tell us how old you are and how long you've been skiing?  
I am 30 years old and I started skiing at the age of 2 at St Hilaire du Touvet, where I was born. It is a small village above Grenoble, a small resort with about 5 lifts and 10 pistes. 
What inspired you to move to the Three Valleys? 
When I started competing in 2013, I met many people who were skiing in the 3 Vallées, they introduced me to this area. I quickly realized its potential in terms of freeride skiing. So, I chose to settle here because the off-piste domain is enormous and offers countless possibilities.

How did you get into freeriding?   
In the village where I lived, we just didn't play at skiing – it was compulsory participation at school in the afternoons in January and February. We skied in the forest, we slalomed between the trees, we took on the small jumps.  
Also, my dad was an instructor, he is passionate about mountains and often took the whole family out on hikes rather than just skiing.
I learned from a young age how to put on ski skins, how to hit the slalom poles - and fell in love with the thrill of downhill skiing. 
What’s your top tip for freeriding in Courchevel? 

Do I have to share my secrets?!
The l’Aiguille du fruit is my first choice, the snowy corridor of the chute, to the left of the main corridor. 
But for easily accessible freeriding, the day after, or even two days after a fresh snowfall, I recommend Creux Noirs (Le Freeride Lab), because you get the feeling you’re out in the vast domain, but it’s right on your doorstep. The playground is huge: fairly wide and steep corridors with different opportunities depending on the corridors you choose... If the exposure is not good on one side, it will always be good on the other. There’s also greater protection from the wind compared to other sectors.  

And in the summer, what do you do?   
I am a sea kayak guide on polar land expeditions: I guide groups of 6 to 13 people for a week to 10 days. We carry all our equipment in the kayaks, and we make our own camps. I introduce them to the fjords, and the pleasure of eating dried cod!
When I return to the 3 Valleys, I practice river kayaking on the Doron de Bozel, go climbing with my friends on the new well-equipped cliff of Prameruel in Courchevel and do a lot of hiking in the mountains. I like to hike at La dent du Villard, the view from the top is beautiful and the terrain is very different from most of the hikes in the area, there’s such variation in the landscapes, the terrain is exceptional ... really – it’s awesome!

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