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Are you comfy on your couch but running out of things to watch? We've been thinking about how you can travel without leaving home and we’ve put together a selection of our favourite films about adventure, thrilling sports and much more… Encore!

Station courchevel film

The tone is set: "Powerful", "fantastic", "beautiful" are three possibilities when translating the Urdu (one of Pakistan's official languages) word "Zabardast.”
Telling the tale of a journey taken by eight mountain enthusiasts to the heart of the Karakoram mountain range in northern Pakistan, this Made-in-France production takes you high into mountains which include K2 (8611m altitude), the second highest mountain in the world after Everest. The team of snowboarders, skiers, and high-mountain guides, began their expedition in the spring of 2018 with the aim to conquer the Biacherahi North Tower (about 5880m altitude), accompanied by director and snowboarder Jérôme Tanon.
This incredible project was conceived by Thomas Delfino, a snowboarder born in the Esteron Valley, after he saw a photograph of the Biacherahi North Tower in a book shop! While filming the video Storm Troopers in Alaska, Thomas met snowboarder Zack Mills, and they both realised that they shared the same enthusiasm for this photo and a desire to discover the mountain which is shaped like a shark’s fin...
The film shows that without friendship or group bonding, the trip would not have been possible or interesting. As Zack points out: "As a result of this adventure, I lost 10kg... but gained 7 buddies!”
Available in full on YouTube, we invite you to dive into the dizzying world of XXL Mountains: ZABARDAST!

Free Solo
Station courchevel film

"If you keep pushing the limits, you will exceed them." This quote from Alex Honnold perfectly illustrates the preparation work by the best full solo climber in the world for his ascent of El Capitain, a 3000ft vertical rock formation in Yosemite National Park in the western United States. Directed by Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and her husband Jimmy Chin (himself a professional mountaineer, skier, director and photographer), the film was awarded the Oscar for Best Documentary Film in 2019.
Alex, a 34-year-old Californian who started climbing at the age of 11, completed this extraordinary climb in 3 hours 56 minutes, risking his life, watched by film crew and his loved ones.
For Jimmy Chin, the film's goal is to answer the question “How does Alex want to live his life? He chooses to live with this tension, he doesn't want to die, he wants to perfect his art to an extreme.”
The film is a true story of astonishing human endeavour and humility. Free Solo reveals the nature of an outstanding mountaineer, the opposite of a hotheaded risk-taker, a humble man. Alex "No big deal" as some in the industry call him, explains that "most bravery resides in restraint."

Station courchevel film

Trying to mitigate the consequences of global warming by changing the ways in which they understand the mountains but continue to follow their passion is the challenge for five friends: Léo, Thomas, Mat, Lévi, and Jérémy. All are determined to experience the essential nature of the French Alps and discover remote peaks far from the crowds.
Driven by their love of the mountains, they travel to mountain refuges, taking the viewer on a journey to discover hidden valleys and remote mountains forged by unique tales of adventure as told by their guide Serge Lambert, a legend of the Valais mountains.
The engaging film follows Mat Shaer, a professional snowboarder for more than 10 years as well as a graduate in environmental science, as he tries to reconcile his environmental convictions with his sport.
By travelling in a traditional way, hiking, and resting in mountain refuges, the film crew and the adventurers reduced their CO2 emissions 100 times more than their first film!

Path to Everest
Station courchevel film

Catalan born Kilian Jornet Burgada is a ski mountaineer, long-distance runner and professional sky runner, but his impressive record doesn’t stop there. After setting  the fastest time records for ascents of the Matterhorn (4478m), Mont Blanc (4809m), and Denali (6190m), the  Spanish multi-medallist embarked on a double ascent of the highest mountain in the world: Everest (8848m), without oxygen - and completed in less than a week!
But Path to Everest is not just another award in the extreme sports chart. This Franco-Spanish production by Sébastien Montaz-Rosset (also a mountain guide) and Josep Serra, follows the path of Kilian Jornet in this new challenge of pushing himself to the limit. It’s an intimate portrait which reveals the fears, contradictions and dreams of the athlete, supported by loved ones and surrounded by the mountains – both of which inspire him.
The two are linked, as Kilian himself says: “Conquering the mountains is a very ironic word. We do not conquer them, we can conquer ourselves, and the mountains are a great mirror where we can see each other, but we can never pretend that we are fighting against the mountains or against nature because, above all, we are part of it.”

Station de ski Courchevel

Romain, press secretary, Courchevel

I’m passionate about snowboarding and outdoor activities and very lucky to be able to explore the best of what the mountain has to offer all year long. Sports activities, local cuisine, art, and nature are abundant in Courchevel. Contrary to popular belief, the Valley of Tarentaise which is a recognised Natura 2000 destination, gateway to the Parc National de la Vanoise, is a real breath of fresh air. One of my favourite spots which illustrates this is the Avals Valley which is outstandingly beautiful in every season.

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