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In 2019, the Movies nights are back with 6 dates and 3 movies per evening.

Friday 15 novembre

Family movie (2018) by Clovis Cornillac
Duration: 90 minutes
Synopsis: Two years have passed. Sebastian is at the dawn of adolescence and Belle has become the mother of three adorable puppies. Pierre and Angelina are about to get married and dream of a new life, elsewhere ... To the chagrin of Sebastien who refuses to leave his mountain.
When Joseph, the former master of Belle, resurfaces decided to recover his dog, Sebastian is facing a terrible threat. More than ever, he will have to do everything to protect his friend and his little ones ...

Biopic by Bryan Singer
With Rami Malek, Gwilym Lee, Lucy Boyton
Duration: 135 minutes
Synopsis: Bohemian Rhapsody recounts the extraordinary fate of the Queen group and their iconic singer Freddie Mercury, who challenged stereotypes, broke conventions and revolutionized music. From the dazzling success of Freddie Mercury to his excesses, risking the near-implosion of the group, to his triumphant return on stage at the Live Aid concert, while he was struck by the disease, discover the exceptional life of a man who continues to inspire outsiders, dreamers and all those who love music.

10.15 PM: TAXI 5
Action movie by Franck Gastambide
With Franck Gastambide, Malik Bentalha, Bernard Farcy ...
Duration: 102 minutes
Synopsis: Sylvain Marot, a Parisian super cop and exceptional driver, is transferred against his will to the Marseille Municipal Police. Ex-commissioner Gibert, become Mayor of the city and lowest in the polls, will then entrust him with the mission to stop the formidable "Gang of Italians", who foams jewelry with the help of powerful Ferrari. But to achieve this, Marot will have no choice but to collaborate with the grand-nephew of the famous Daniel, Eddy Maklouf, the worst VTC driver in Marseille, but the only one to recover the legendary white TAXI.

Free admission, places are limited.

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