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Ski resort - Courchevel

There are chef, freerider, snow groomer driver, tracker and business women who form the beating heart of Courchevel. You may meet them during your stay in the mountains. These unique women are the pride of the resort.
Discover their portrait each week.

Top 5 moments to share in Courchevel

station de ski familiale - Courchevel

It’s said that happiness is doubled when shared, and in alpine ski resort Courchevel, there are 1001 pleasures and experiences for you to make memorable ski holidays in France. Here are our top five:

A unique holiday in Courchevel with the family!

Station familiale Courchevel

Playful, magical, Economical, Simple... everything you need to know to spend unforgetable family ski holidays in Courchevel.

Gastronomy in Courchevel...

Gastronomie Courchevel

Not just the art of good living - a way of life.
In Courchevel you can enjoy an outstanding dining experience every day. There’s a diverse range of styles ranging from classic fine dining cuisine to cutting edge and even exotic - but always, the flavours are fabulous…

Delight your taste buds

Restaurant Courchevel

Sébastien Vauxion is the first pastry chef to win a Michelin star, and at Hotel K2 Palace, he offers a completely new and unique concept: the world’s first dessert-only restaurant: Le SarKara. On the menu here you’ll find an unprecedented and surprising blend of flavours. Here is his famous and absolutely delicious recipe …

What if it came true…

Séjour ski Courchevel

Twirling snowflakes, snow-covered landscapes, frost-rimmed fir trees sparkling at dusk, the crunch of snow underfoot… in Courchevel, the magic of winter truly takes on its full meaning!
With your family, your friends, or just your loved one... Step into the magic of a unique ski trip.

To-do list: easy does it or full throttle…

Courchevel - piste de ski

We’ll tell you everything! Everything you need to know about what’s going on in Courchevel this winter… Born competitors, powder junkies, beginners, fans of chilled family skiing and followers of the “ski-free” attitude: we have a to-do list covering all the bases. Take your pick from all of our new activities and developments.

Jean-Baptiste Curtet: «A trail runner to the core»

Trail Courchevel

Originally from Courchevel Le Praz, Jean-Baptiste Curtet has never been far from the region’s mountain tops, whether on skis or in running shoes, which made the transition to competitive trail running 5 or 6 years ago a very natural one…

Into the wild

Courchevel - stage survie

Get your bearings, make a fire, find water, build a shelter… that’s what young adventurers are going to be able to learn this summer in Courchevel. In the company of travel and survival skills expert Yoann Gonçalves, we’re going back to nature!

Faster, higher, farther…

Trail Courchevel

Nature, stunning landscapes, sport, exertion… trail running is all that and more! Get your trainers on and enjoy infinite running possibilities. A few words with Hervé Franchino, Courchevel’s outdoor activities manager…

Electric mountain biking, it’s IZI!

Courchevel - vtt

This summer, Maxime and Romain’s goal is to take you to Courchevel and the surrounding area’s most beautiful cycle tracks on electric mountain bikes. No stress, no pressure and at your own pace… enjoying the summits on two wheels has never been so easy!


Courchevel - cirque

After the snow-covered mountaintops of winter, you’ll be able to enjoy the summits under a canvas-covered big top this summer. Arc en Cirque is putting up its circus tent in Courchevel La Tania and offering a chance to discover the thrilling world of acrobats, jugglers, high-wire walkers and other circus acts. Here’s a short tour of the ring with Eric Angelier, organisation manager.

Polenta macaroons with Beaufort cheese mousse

Courchevel - recette

An original recipe from the Fromage Beaufort!

The benefits of mountain yoga

Courchevel yoga

Yoga teacher, sophrologist and mountain guide Loréleï was also born in Courchevel – her favourite place to charge her batteries and share her tips for a tranquil mind and body.

Chef, what’s your secret ingredient?

Courchevel - blog - recette

Want to melt with happiness?

UFOs seen on the on the slopes!

Courchevel - blog - ovnis

Whether you’ve been standing at the edge of the slopes, sitting on the chairlift or standing at the top of a snowy peak - you must have seen a few strange, mysterious and even amazing objects by now … We got you wondering – and now we put you out of your misery!

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