Dali: Art at the Summit, 10 years old!

Dali au sommet

10 years ago, Courchevel and Galeries Bartoux pulled off the bold challenge of bringing art and the mountains together, creating an open-air museum on the ski area. This first - surrealist exhibition was called «Art at the summit», and saw works by Dali taking over the slopes and the centre of the resort itself: monumental sculptures and original «museum» works from among the famous pieces created by the artist in the 1980s. Skiers might have come across the «La Femme en Flamme» at the top of les Chenus, «Alice in Wonderland» at the top of la Vizelle and even the famous Soft Watches around the next bend.

10 years on, Dali returns to the mountain peaks of Courchevel to celebrate the anniversary of the unique event that was «Art at the summit». 9 works of art will be on show across the ski area and in the centre of the resort itself, huge tarps will be created by 3 contemporary street artists inspired by Dali’s work, and one of the Saulire cable car’s cabins will be totally redesigned. A «10 years of Art at the Summet retrospective» exhibition will be held at La Croisette, with guided visits and live après-ski artistic performances throughout the season.

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