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Courchevel and its hamlets have tremendously a rich architectural, religious, gastronomic and pastoral heritage. To be discovered during walks accessible to everyone.

In a village or a picturesque hamlet, you will undoubtedly see a chapel or a church. The religious heritage of the valley, closely linked to pastoral traditions, is the keystone of the resort's history. In Saint-Bon, the birthplace of Courchevel, admire the architecture of the old holiday houses, the bread oven and the old still. Courchevel is also renowned for the quality of its infrastructures, which are also part of its history: visit the Olympic ski jumps or the Forum.

Courchevel's gastronomic expertise is deeply rooted in mountain traditions. From Michelin-starred restaurants to those offering menus in the purest alpine tradition, discover an infinite number of flavors around dishes made with fresh and local products. Visit our producers or attend the Instants Beaufort event to learn more about the making of Beaufort cheese, serac, tomme cheese, charcuterie and jams. Take a little bit of Courchevel back home by buying these products in the resort's shops.

For a complete discovery of the heritage, why not go and discover the local nature? The Vanoise National Park, with its marmots, protected flowers and high altitude lakes, is the ideal place. Learn more about the alpine flora by taking a stroll on the botanical path of the natural site of La Rosière.


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