Bakery Gandy Au Pain D'antan | Shops and Services Courchevel

Courchevel 1850
Au pain d'antan
Languages spoken
Ouverture en clair
From 17/11/2020 to 13/04/2021, daily between 8 am and 6 pm.

Dates to be confirmed.

Le Forum
73120 Courchevel

Description courte
Artisan Baker Pastry chef, for more than 50 years, on all levels of the resort.
100 % homemade products with respect for the environment and the French tradition.
The oldest bakery in Courchevel, belonging to the Gandy family for 50 years.
Today Nathalie, Fabienne and Vincent perpetuate the tradition and the passion for quality products.
Open all day.
The bakery is on every level of the resort : Courchevel Le Praz, Courchevel Village, Courchevel Moriond, Courchevel La Tania and 2 shops in Courchevel 1850.
Local, organic and special breads, pastries, ice creams, chocolate and sandwiches.

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