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Azimut Rando
Adulte : de 30 € à 50 €

Adolescent : de 20 € à 40 €

Enfant : de 20 € à 40 €

Carte multi séances : 100 € (4 demi-journées)

Forfait / engagement : de 220 € à 440 €
Languages spoken
Ouverture en clair
From 15/11/2020 to 15/04/2021.

Dent de Burgin 403
73120 Courchevel

Description courte
If you want to experience the white silence, snowshoeing is the way.
This activity is ideal for all lovers of wild landscapes, or people who are not comfortable on skis. Snowshoeing is suitable for everyone despite your age or fitness level. With snowshoes you are really in nature. Stop in the middle of nowhere, breath in cleanest air and let the white silence enchant you. Put on your snowshoes, and go on a half-day to full-day (Thursday) snowshoe hiking with Yann, an experienced and passionate mountain guide.

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