The benefits of mountain yoga

Courchevel - yoga

Yoga teacher, sophrologist and mountain guide Loréleï was also born in Courchevel – her favourite place to charge her batteries and share her tips for a tranquil mind and body.

What are the main benefits of mountain yoga?
Courchevel - yoga

Yoga is all about exploring your body through movement and stillness, achieving harmony between mind and body in pursuit of self-realisation. It improves breathing, flexibility, coordination and balance. Practising yoga in the mountains also helps you feel the power of the earth and the elements and a strong sense of being anchored – it’s a way of rising above things and changing your perspective.

How can yoga help with snowsports?
Courchevel - yoga

People often arrive for a snowsports holiday unprepared. Skiing is very demanding on your joints – especially your knees – plus you have to deal with the cold and a whole range of hazards. The idea behind yoga is to oxygenate your body: the experience is even more enjoyable because your body is prepared. The morning is a good time to work on your lower body. The warrior pose is ideal for improving core strength and feeling grounded. You add a few plank poses for muscle strengthening and a few salutes to the sun for opening up the rib cage and upper body mobility.

What’s the best way to recuperate after physical activity?
Courchevel - yoga

A yoga session regenerates the body, preventing muscle pain by working on the ones you put under stress when you’re skiing. You can do visualisation exercises, for example: close your eyes, be aware of your whole body, visualise a movement that you enjoy on the slopes, breathe in and spread the sensation throughout your body. This helps to make the same connections as if you were really making the movement, relaxing all the muscles.

Where do you go to recharge your batteries in Courchevel?
Courchevel - yoga

The Plan du Fou is located between the hamlet of Le Montcharvet and the Lac de la Rosière – it feels like you’re in a clearing in Canada! I really like the Col de la Loze, too – it’s great for doing breathing exercises (pranayama). And I like to pick plants on the pretty Chemin du Paradis in summer: sage (antiseptic), meadowsweet (for muscle pain) and horsetail (for your bones). A totally natural pleasure!

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