Jean-Baptiste Curtet: «A trail runner to the core»

Trail Courchevel

Originally from Courchevel Le Praz, Jean-Baptiste Curtet has never been far from the region’s mountain tops, whether on skis or in running shoes, which made the transition to competitive trail running 5 or 6 years ago a very natural one…

Trail Courchevel

When did you first start running?
I’ve always run! When I was younger I did cross-country skiing for 15 years with the Comité de Savoie and we used to run during the summer to maintain our fitness levels. I always kept that up, as it’s a great way to prepare for ski mountaineering which I do in winter. I started racing a few years ago, mainly on local trails in Bozel, Valmorel and Courchevel… and I even won a few! My last podium was for the 33km Hoka One One XTrail in Courchevel on the 4th August last year. It’s such a stunning route!

What do you like about trail running?
The freedom it offers, being at one with the mountains, the scenery…

What advice would you give someone who’s keen to give it a go?
Make sure you choose the right running shoes, don’t carry too much weight, always take some water and a snack with you.

What are the best areas for beginners?
The trails around Courchevel Le Praz are good for beginners as they’re fairly flat. After that, it’s worth heading over to La Rosière Lake, la dent du Villard and Le Mont Charvet mountain ridges.

What are your favourite locations?
Les Avals Valley, with the trail that leads to Le Rateau Lake, la Grande Val, le col de Chanrouge… The scenery is stunning and really varied.

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