Art at the Summit 2020-2021



Courchevel is being transformed into an open-air museum with this monumental artwork exhibition over the ski area and in the centre of the resort.

The aim of Art at the Summit is to combine art and mountains by creating an open-air museum.

For the past 12 years, in partnership with Galeries Bartoux, this astonishing exhibition has taken up residence in the heart of the resort of Courchevel and over its ski area.

This winter, skiers and walkers can admire the atworks of 4 artists:

• Bruno Catalano, known for his intriguing sculptures of "Travellers" pierced by the void
• Richard Orlinski, who is exhibiting his Captain Kong at the summit of Vizelle and his White Bear at the summit of Biollay.
• Michel Bassompierre, who presents his monumental animal works for the first time in Courchevel.
• Mauro Corda, who is exhibiting his contortionists, for the first time in the resort as well, sculptures executing extreme positions with a rare elegance.

For a complete artistic tour, these works are also photographed on large-format billboards exhibited in the resort's villages, with the artists:

• Roberta Coni
• Snik
• Gabriel Moreno
• Noe Two
• Pichiavo


To reach the Biollay summit to admire Richard Orlinski's Courchevel White Bear, take the marked and safe ski touring route. Departure from the Courchevel 1850 snow front.

• Positive ascent: 450 m
• Duration: about 1h15
• Level of practice: very accessible

For the Vizelle site where Richard Orlinski's Captain Kong Courchevel is on display, it is recommended that you are accompanied by a mountain professional.

• Positive ascent: 850 m
• Duration: about 2h30

To visit the large format billboards in the villages of Courchevel, download the resort map.

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