Aventure Montagne

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From 01/06 to 31/08, daily.

On demand.

73120 Courchevel

Adult: 40 to 300 €.
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Nom de l'entité de gestion
Climbing with guide
Description courte
Come discover climbing with Aventure Montagne. Introduction to the activity for beginners on artificial walls or cliffs, to demystify, make approachable what we think is reserved for elite. Activity proposed to adults and to kids.
Climbing is a kid’s play.

Kids start climbing with us at the age of 6. At this age when we discover our body and the space we live in, and where we learn to have fun in the vertical without fears. Ropes games, easy climbing to have fun and especially to apprehend smoothly this new environment.

Around 9/10 years old, we can start to learn new techniques, to a more sportive climbing, continuing to learn security techniques, knots…

At 12/14 years old, it’s the golden years of the gesture; we have fun on the blocs, trying the most unlikely movements, or on the cliffs, trying the hardest challenges. It is the age of the responsibilities, when we appreciate to manage our own security (under watch).

Climbing is an adult’s play.

Introduction on artificial walls or on cliffs, to demystify, make approachable what we think is reserved for elite.

Those who are appealed start a learning rich in progress.
Learning to be autonomous, all the ropes manoeuvres, roping down, belays.

From cliffs to walls, from outings with friends to big routes with guides, your progress will allow you to do climbs more and more difficult.

When you’ll learn the security techniques, that are pretty simple, you’ll be autonomous and be able to get your friends and family climbing with you. We propose different climbing school formulas, training courses and private outings.

We furnish the security equipment, harnesses, ropes, carabineers and belay devices.

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