World U20 Ice Hockey Championships - Agenda and event Courchevel ski resort, France
World U20 Ice Hockey Championships from 12/10/2017 to 12/16/2017

World U20 Ice Hockey Championships

From 10 to 16 December, Courchevel and Méribel will jointly host the under-20s Ice Hockey World Junior Championships, organised by the International Ice Hockey Federation.
Facing Austria, Germany, Hungary, Latvia and Kazakhstan in turn, the Bleuets will need your support to bring the ice rink to life and encourage them to victory!

Entrance : Adults : 10€ (6€ pour les matchs ou la France ne joue pas) / Children : 6€
Each ticket give you access to a Courchevel skipass with a 50% discount and to Aquamotion with a 50%.

Programme :

Sunday 10th  14:30  Courchevel Kazakhstan - Germany
   18:00  Courchevel  Austria - France
   18:00  Méribel  Hungary - Latvia
Monday 11th  13:00  Méribel Latvia - Kazakhstan
   19:00  Méribel  France - Hungary
Tuesday 12th  19:00  Méribel  Germany - Austria
Wednesday 13th  15:30  Courchevel Hungary - Kazakhstan
   19:00  Courchevel  Germany - France
   19:00  Méribel  Latvia - Austria
Thursday 14th  19:00  Méribel  France - Latvia
Friday 15th  13:00  Courchevel  Germany - Hungary
   19:00  Courchevel  Kazakhstan - Austria
Saturday 16th  14:30  Courchevel  Latvia - Germany
   16:00  Méribel Austria - Hungary
   18:00  Courchevel  France - Kazakhstan

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