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- To help you to choose a part of Courchevel that really suits you; every village of Courchevel has a different atmosphere and you’ll surely find your ideal spot.
- To help you to organize your stay with the possibility to book online and receive expert advice from our staff who are there to guide you to the ideal product to meet your needs. The range of offers and the classification of accommodation on our site guarantees that we can help you find something to suit.
- Our 4 tourist offices are there to welcome you the moment you arrive with qualified personnel keen to inform and advise you but also open to your suggestions and available to help in case you encounter any difficulties during your stay.
- To animate your stay and offer numerous opportunities to savour the ambiance of the resort and create memories that will stay with you forever.
- So that you can share your love of Courchevel with others via various social media platforms
- So that we can stay in contact even when your holiday has come to an end : because to receive some information from Courchevel in the post can change your mood to a positive one in an instant!

Let’s dream, let’s love, let’s Courchevel together !

Courchevel Tourisme is classed as a ‘category 1’ tourist office and it offers :
• A welcome desk and easily accessible information space.
• To help you with all queries.
• To provide a seating area when you visit.
• To keep you informed of all the local tourist offers
• To post and diffuse the opening times in at least two languages
• Free wifi access
• To be open at least 305 days per year including the weekend and holiday periods.
• To reply to all correspondance
• A welcome desk with personnel who can communicate in at least 2 foreign languages
• To provide tourist maps, plans and entertainment guides of the resort.
• / To give you access to its website dedicated and specially designed to be viewed and accessed for the needs of tourists.
• Distribute tourist information in the forms of brochures and flyers in at least two languages pertaining to :
1. all the tourist accomodation including name, postal address, email, webiste, telephone number and rating.
2. all monuments, cultural, natural or leisure sites of interest to tourism including the the prices, the website, telephone and postal information
3. all events and entertainment
4. Emergency telephone numbers
• Annually renew all tourist information
• Post externally and visibly emergency telephone numbers
• Provide access to all availability of accomodation
• Treat your complaints and follow up with a satisfaction survey of our response
• Tourist information using the latest in information and communication [Social media, smart phones and GPS]
• To adhere to the standards of the certification Qualite Tourisme
• Guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the tourist information provided

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