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Mademoiselle Courchevel

The success of the Pop Art exhibition last winter led to the idea of providing a platform for one of the artists present in the Courchevel Universe. Without a second thought, David Cintract launched himself into the project, letting his imagination and inspiration reveal itself as he enjoys saying, like “a young chick ready to take flight over the slopes and, I hope, fly with its own wings...”
A glamorous and slightly nonchalant young woman but one who is full of self-confidence and many surprises. This is Mademoiselle Courchevel. We will reveal her today as an introduction to the journey that will lead up to this winter where you will be able to discover her, larger than life, in the heart of the resort, on the Croisette...

Let us allow the artist to have the last word: “I try to ensure that pleasure is at the heart of everything”. Pleasure, the very essence of Courchevel.

David Cintract

 David Cintract lives in Paris and has been working since 1988. A painter, plastic artist, sculptor and photographer, he founded the “Free Pop” movement, more a spirit of mind than an artistic movement in the traditional sense of the term. David Cintract is fascinated by exuberant sculpture and the storage of works in the style of an “Ali Baba’s cave”. Drawing inspiration from current events and topical subjects, his works conveys all the ambiguities of a strange and childlike artistic world, and reflect optimism tinged with tragedy. The gaiety of the colours and patterns, the liveliness and infectious joy, but also the depth of the questions and symbols, these are all the trademarks of David Cintract who refuses to opt for the easy option and makes discreet connections between very poetical forces and much darker impulses. Through techniques as varied as oil, photography, inclusion or digigraphy, he develops several themes at the heart of our post-modern society on a variety of supports (canvases, dummies, cars, etc.):
‐ Humans faced with frenetic and frivolous consumption
‐ The role of adult fantasies and erotic games
‐ The loss of our share of childhood in a society that no longer believes in dreams.
David Cintract exhibits around the world and, thanks to his universal artistic language, develops in-depth exchanges with audiences of all origins and all cultures.

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