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The gold of the alpine pastures

The gold of the alpine pastures: the summer version of the “white gold”!

In winter the alpine pastures welcome thousands of holiday makers who love skiing and winter sports. The large-scale development of this activity has given rise to a phenomenon that has been called “white gold”.

During the summer, the alpine pastures see the arrival of “young ladies with long lashes” and “young ladies with beautiful big eyes” who remain at this altitude for 100 days. They work day and night to produce the essential ingredient for the gold of the alpine pastures.
To manufacture this regional product that is so popular among gourmets, the people of Savoie have combined all their expertise and quality “ingredients” (alpine pastures, the Tarine and Abondance cattle breeds, rennet, etc.). This is the fruit of the labours of the farmer, the cheese-maker and the cellarman. You will have guessed by now that we are talking about “Beaufort” cheese.

And feel free to visit one of the high alpine farms at Courchevel!

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