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The highest point in the park: La Grande Casse (3,855 m)
Lowest point: 1,280
Population: 32,078 in 1999
Shared boundary with the Gran Paradiso National Park: 14 km

There are around 1,200 different types of plant species in la Vanoise, of which 200 notable species, among which huge variety of alpine rock plants, alpine columbine, alpine sea holly and the twinflower.

La Vanoise National Park has a rich and varied fauna with the largest colony of the alpine ibex in France, around 2,000 individuals, representing one third of the total number in the whole of France! Chamois deer are also present in great numbers, with around 5,000 individuals in the massif. Numerous mammals also make their homes here, among which mountain hares, marmots, stoats and many others.

La Vanoise is also home to 120 species of bird, of which the bearded vulture (2 nesting couples), the royal eagle (around 20 territorial couples), the alpine ptarmigan, the black grouse, the Eurasian eagle owl to name but a few.

A programme was set up in 1986 to introduce the bearded vulture into the alpine region and the first two sets of offspring were produced in la Vanoise in 2002.

La Vanoise National Park has a total of 500 km of marked paths from the villages and resorts in the valleys in the peripheral zone. Hikers can follow the long walking routes (GR5 and GR55) and do a tour of the massif. The paths are practicable from 1st June to 30th October.
Around 50 alpine refuges are available for walkers (in the central zone and the peripheral zone) of which 17 are owned by the park and the others are either managed by the Club Alpin Français or are privately owned.

Pick up a copy of “Estive”, the journal for the area (at the Courchevel tourist offices), which provides full information on the life in the park and any interesting news items.

More information:
Bureaux de Courchevel Tourisme : tél. 04 79 08 00 29
La Vanoise national Park : tél. 04 79 62 30 54 
Mountain hut registration : tél. 04 79 08 71 49

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