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Regulations in La Vanoise National Park

La Vanoise National Park has been created to preserve the natural heritage of la Vanoise massif for future generations and this affects us all.

The governing rules prohibit hunting and regulate fishing, pastoral and forestry activities as well as public access.
Please observe the following:

- Follow the paths and do not take shortcuts from the winding paths when descending
- Neither pick nor remove flowers, fruit or minerals (if you take photos of the flowers, please do not destroy the surrounding vegetation and leave no trace of your presence),
- Do not disturb the peace and quiet of the area by making noise, shouting or operating any loud apparatus or machines,
- Do not take dogs out with you, even on a lead,
- Take all your refuse back with you, even when you stay at a mountain refuge,
- Do not camp (however, the use of light tents is allowed around some refuges in July and August, under certain conditions and for a fee),
- Do not light any fires,
- Do not go paragliding or carry out any aerial sports,
- Do not go mountain biking, except at certain sites and under conditions described in the park authority regulations.

These regulations are outlined in the decree dated 6th July 1963 creating la Vanoise National Park.
The preservation of this site and the pleasure of exploring it depend on all visitors upholding these important regulations.

Did you know that St-Bon Courchevel has the deepest natural lake within the National Park (Lac Merlet Supérieur: 28 m deep)?

Important : a national park is a natural environment, open to all, but subject to strict regulations (dogs and off-road vehicles are prohibited).

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