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La Rosière

Chalet open in July and August from 12.00 to 6.30pm.

This beautiful calm place at the bottom of the Avals Valley, with its stretch of water and area equipped to welcome your barbecues, is the starting point of numerous walks of varying difficulty levels.

You may discover numerous species of plant life on the botanical walk conceived by Father Fritsch, whilst in the refreshment chalet you will see exhibitions of the local fauna and flora (a collection of fresh flowers) geology, apiculture (a real beehive under glass).
A permanent orientation route is organised on this site: 2 possible itineraries; maps and documents available at the Rosière refreshment chalet (1€).

The new footbridge crossing the lake will be available as well as some picnic areas.
NB: the work to restore the general area is planned to be completed by autumn 2013 and may require the restriction of certain zones


Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

From the Chalet de la Rosière, turn right after the bridge, then walk 50 metres and take the first path to the left.

The botanic trail is maintained throughout July and August and many information boards enable you to identify the plants you spot along the way. This snakes along the eroded slope of the “Dent du Villard”, its craggy relief creating a unique variety of exposed areas, producing an exceptional array of flora.

This mountain slope really explodes into bloom in July. First to arrive is the lily of the valley that soon makes way for the lady’s slipper orchid, then for some beautiful rare and protected orchids. Away from the path, you will also see the Pyrenean dead-nettle which is the only place it is found in the Alps, dark columbine (aquilegia), the Turk’s cap lily (martagon) and last, but not least, the less noticeable species: gypsophila, which likes gypsum, the bog-star, the butterwort or the bird’s nest orchid.

All these plants live on this mountain of gypsum in a forest of varied fragrances which, from August onwards is adorned with thousands of coloured berries and the first mushrooms.

If you have time, try a little excursion to the “Creux de l'Âne”, where an underground river wells up out of the mountain, then a little detour to the newt pool, where tadpoles, frogs and alpine newts frolic in the clear waters.

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