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This is a beautiful and peaceful place at the bottom of the Vallée des Avals, with its lake a campsite equipped for picnics and barbecues. It is the departure for hikes of all levels.

The botanic walk of Pere Frisch allows you to discover various flora and in the refreshment chalet you’ll find exhibitions on the local fauna and flora, on the geology and beekeeping (Glass frame observation beehive).

Come along and enjoy a tour towards “Creux de l’ane” and the waterfall of Poux where groundwater upwelling rises up from the mountain. In the “mare aux tritons” you can watch tadpoles, frogs and alpine newts.

Refreshment chalet:
This summer: sale of pancakes and ice-cream; Information desk and equipment rental for the activities available on site.

Outdoor spaces suitable for barbecues and picnics: one giant barbecue for groups, six individual barbecues and many picnic tables are at your service.

The Botanic walk is set up for July and August. Many labels will indicate the name of the plants that you’ll see along the walk. This path zigzags along the bottom of the Dent du Villard and in between its meadows and rock crevices grows a unique variety of plants. (duration time : 1h30. From the refreshment chalet, turn right after the bridge and after 50m take the first path on your left). At the start of the walk you’ll find the Dragon’s mouth of Pyrenees, unique in the French Alps, the Ancolie black Barlow, the imposing Martagon lily without forgetting the most discrete Gysophilia, the Grass of Parnassus, the Pinguicula commonly known as the Butterworts and the Bird’s-nest Orchid.

An orienteering walk is set in this area: maps and documents are available at the refreshment chalet.
For more information please visit our website.

The via ferrata of La Rosière is accessible to everybody and to all levels. This unusual route overlooks the lake of La Rosière offering an amazing view of the surroundings. Duration 2 hours; Warm clothes and technical equipment are recommended.

Hire a canoe, single sit-on or tandem sit-on, is now possible! Information at the refreshment chalet by the lake.

A forest adventure trail of 9 courses (rated red) complete, from now on, the Via Ferrata.
Information and equipment hire at the refreshment chalet

The footbridge allows visitors to walk around the lake and get to the points where the view will be most amazing.

An adventure trail
awaits your little ones. For children from 3 years old. 


Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

From the Chalet de la Rosière, turn right after the bridge, then walk 50 metres and take the first path to the left.

The botanic trail is maintained throughout July and August and many information boards enable you to identify the plants you spot along the way. This snakes along the eroded slope of the “Dent du Villard”, its craggy relief creating a unique variety of exposed areas, producing an exceptional array of flora.

This mountain slope really explodes into bloom in July. First to arrive is the lily of the valley that soon makes way for the lady’s slipper orchid, then for some beautiful rare and protected orchids. Away from the path, you will also see the Pyrenean dead-nettle which is the only place it is found in the Alps, dark columbine (aquilegia), the Turk’s cap lily (martagon) and last, but not least, the less noticeable species: gypsophila, which likes gypsum, the bog-star, the butterwort or the bird’s nest orchid.

All these plants live on this mountain of gypsum in a forest of varied fragrances which, from August onwards is adorned with thousands of coloured berries and the first mushrooms.

If you have time, try a little excursion to the “Creux de l'Âne”, where an underground river wells up out of the mountain, then a little detour to the newt pool, where tadpoles, frogs and alpine newts frolic in the clear waters.

The snack-bar Chalet
Drinks, ice creams, pancake, pies, salads, omelettes, cakes, local products...
Exhibition about small grouse, gypaetus and geology.
Guided tour about flora, orientation circuit...
Information point and equipments for activities.
Possibility to withdraw a barbecue kit.

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