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Between 1300 and 2400 m
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Fishing in Courchevel

Courchevel welcomes fishermen!

We hope that these few pages will help you catch the big one!. Courchevel has a great many remarkable sites where you can indulge in your favourite sport: calm fishing on the banks of the Lac du Praz, or more strenuous on the Lac de la Rosière or in one of the five magnificent high-altitude lakes .

Courchevel is a fishing destination with 7 sites of which 6 lakes are in the mountains and they are open every day: Le Praz (1300m), la Rosière (1520m), Merlet inférieur (2390m), Merlet supérieur (2450m), Pêtre (2280m), Râteau (2440m), le Lac Bleu (2230m) and the “la Rosière river”.
Fishing supervision: Jean-Christophe Friant - Tél. 6 31 32 52 30 -

Access by vehicle to the Merlet lakes via the Ariondaz track is limited to the Bel Air level

Please help us manage the fishing resources, please remember to respect the splendid but sensitive countryside where you're fishing, fill in catch declarations and always pay your fishing dues.
Enjoy your stay at Courchevel, and good fishing!

The one-day “High altitude lakes” fishing permit (€ 12) is on sale in:
• the Tourist Offices (Courchevel, Moriond, Village),
• Olympic sports (Le Praz),
• Grand Plan and Merlet mountain huts,
For the Rosière lake, permit on sale at the chalet la Rosière in the afternoon or in Bozel
(Tourist office : +33(0) 479 55 03 77).
• Information: Courchevel Tourisme
Tel. +33 (0) 479 08 00 29 -

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