COURCHEVEL X-TRAIL from 08/02/2014 to 08/04/2014


All levels
Meet in Courchevel for the Courchevel X-Trail, near to the magnificent Vanoise National Park.

Five races are on the program:

The events begin on Saturday 2 august, with the Vertical Race in which competitors must race up the 435 steps running alongside the Olympic Tremplin ski-jumping hill.

Sunday 3 August, the start of the long Trail races:
- The 54 kilometre Courchevel X-Trail, a 4,400 metre vertical climb including an ascent of the Passage de Plassa. Overlooking the large, steep valleys that surround it, the col is the highest point in this major race and stands at an altitude of 2,760 metres.
- The 33 kilometre Courchevel X-Trail, a 2,200 metre vertical climb that’s just as beautiful and demanding as the 54 kilometre climb.

And then to finish, the Monday 4 August, the shorter trail participants set off on:
- The 20 kilometre “Trail de la Dent”, a 1,050 metre vertical climb: a condensed trail route with all the fun of mountain running, that’s made up of undulating sections and very steep passages.
- The 9 kilometre easy-to-run “Express Trail”, route provides a gentle introduction to trail running.

54km: 55€
33km: 40€
20km: 25€
9km: 15€

Coureurs des Cimes 
+33 (0) 632 13 70 52

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