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Beaufort is a hard cooked cheese. One wheel can weigh between 20 and 70 kilos and stand between 11 and 16 cm high, with a diameter of between 35 and 75 cm. The hoop side of the Beaufort is concave in shape, with a smooth texture and ivory in colour.

The region where Beaufort is produced covers 450,000 hectares of the 630,000 that make up the Savoie region. These are vast areas of alpine pasture comparable to those of Isère and Haute-Savoie combined!

Beaufort is recognisable by its vein of blue casein, its fruitiness and smoothness. Its characteristic taste is pronounced, but not too strong.

Just over 10 kilos of milk are required to produce one kilo of Beaufort cheese.
Every year, 11,000 cows of the “Tarine” and “Abondance” breeds produce 45 million kilos of milk that are turned into Beaufort.

Beaufort cheese won the gold medal in the “Gruyères” category in 1992 during the Käsiades cheese competition in Austria (competing against Swiss, German and Austrian cheeses).

Nutrition information for Beaufort:
- Rich in calcium
- 100 grams of Beaufort contains 1 gram of calcium; this is 8 times more than milk or yoghurt.
- 60 grams of Beaufort provides two thirds of the daily recommended requirement.
- A source of proteins
- 60 grams of Beaufort provides as much as two eggs or 100 grams of beef.

Visit the site of the "Syndicat de Défense du Fromage Beaufort” (Beaufort Cheese Protection Syndicate):

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