Yann Couillard, mountain guide, invites you to discover hiking at your own pace enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings with friends and family.
Many different hikes are on the programme allowing you to discover the traditions, the flowers, the fauna and the surrounding landscapes of the Vanoise National Park.

- Monday morning: discovering the marmots in the pastures of the wonderful Champagny valley.
- Monday afternoon: The “Alpine Spirit”, A visit to a Beaufort cheese maker with tasting, and a walk through the alpine pastures.
- Tuesday afternoon: A climb to one of the best viewing points above Courchevel where you can see the most beautiful summits of the Alps.
- Wednesday morning: Discover the natural reserve of the Plan de Tueda and its botanical garden.
- Thursday morning: in the heart of the national park, discover the most beautiful lakes of the Vanoise.
- Friday: Under the majestic glaciers of the National Park, explore the mountainside where often you are able to see wildlife such as ibexes and marmots.
- Possibility of hikes on a theme of your choice [photo, safety, nature, orienteering, wildlife]

½ Day:
Adults 16 to 18 € / pers.
Children 12 to 14 € / pers.
Adults 28 € / pers.
Children 22 € / pers.
Private outing (1 to 5 people) 115 € ½ day; 190€ a day

Rates and organization for groups on request


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