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In March 2003, Courchevel decided to create the first ever International Pyrotechnic art festival. Unique in Europe, this festival has a back drop of snow, pine trees and the stars. The makings of dreams for both big and small! This competition, in the form of great firework shows, allows several specialist pyrotechnic companies to demonstrate their savoir-faire. The drawing of lots determines which company is placed in each of the four levels of Courchevel. Every year, there is a defined theme.

This year, the companies in competition are :

  • EFC (France)
  • H.C. PYROTECHNICS (Belgium)
  • LIETO (Italy)
  • HERON FIREWORKS (Netherlands)

  • Every year, almost 8000 spectators attend the shows put on by the firework artists, and taste the mulled wine prepared for the occasion by the entertainment team from Courchevel Tourisme.